Glass Ball

Artistic lamps, unique items crafted and painted entirely by hand.

Art, Design and Lighting

The hand-painted glass lamps cast magnificent spectacles of lights, shadows and images. Thanks to their sinuous shape they create an atmosphere that is warm, welcoming, relaxing and energetic.

Each artistic creation is unique. For their originality and elegance, these curious artistic creations are indispensable elements for anyone wishing to give their home, room, terrace and garden a sophisticated and refined piece of furniture with an eccentric, dreamlike, suggestive, magical, surreal touch, magnetic and fairytale, which goes beyond the dimension of reality.

Unique works of art

Unique artistic items, crafted and painted entirely by hand, complete with a guarantee certificate attesting to the uniqueness of every single product. Every lamp is numbered, marked with the Oniric art 77 brand and singularly named with the work’s title inserted within the Glass Ball like a “message in a bottle”.
glassball-01_s.jpg glassball-02_s.jpg glassball-03_s.jpg glassball-04_s.jpg glassball-05_s.jpg glassball-06_s.jpg glassball-07_s.jpg glassball-08_s.jpg glassball-09_s.jpg glassball-10_s.jpg glassball-11_s.jpg glassball-12_s.jpg

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