One summer afternoon, in my childhood home, I found something that came to me as treasure: a room full of glass demijohns. Creativity and fantasy took over and I immediately imagined them all painted, ready to colorfully light up my garden. Like in a dream… Magical glowing spheres, reminiscent of a fairy tale’s imagery, with a surreal atmosphere.

Past and present entwine in ancestral imagination, creating spectacles of light through a dream-like journey in a futuristic dimension.

Oniric art 77: this is how I, Martina Biacchessi, sign all of my artistic handicraft creations, carefully handmade in a suggestive and unusual laboratory in Castiglione dei Pepoli, a small town in the Apennine Mountains, in the province of Bologna - Italy.

Collections with a strong and original signature, works of art that light up fully emphasizing the drawings, taking the viewer in, looking to affect their mood, evoke an emotion, a memory, a psychic connection that these artifacts can establish in a subjective and personal way.

This is how the recycled demijohns come back to life, transformed into the “Glass Ball”: shiny and fantastic creatures.

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Oniric art 77 - Laboratorio

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